Backlink Building

If you are searching for the best Chinese Digital Marketing Agency, you already understand that backlinks are a key element for good website rankings today.

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What you may or may not know, however, is that not all backlinks are created the same. In short, some backlinks from some sites help you boost your rankings, while other types of backlinks from other sites can tank your website.

The true questions you need to ask yourself is: which backlink is which? How can you make sure that you are getting effective links to help you move the needle and get more visitors to sell more of your goods or services?

Well, you should know that it is possible to improve your company's website backlink profile by making use of high quality directories. Such links can, and will, make your website rank better on Google.

On the other hand, you simply get a flood of irrelevant links coming from shady websites, you risk being penalized by Google and losing your current search rankings.

Improving rankings has a simple underlying logic.

First, analyze your competitors who are currently ranking better than you. Find out their link acquisition velocity. Once you know that, start submitting your site to high quality directories, matching the amount of submissions to something similar to the average of your competitors. This way you start to catch up with them, without sticking out too much from the average.

Another important element is to use directories that are relevant to your niche. As you make each submission, make natural use of relevant keywords within your listings. The most important element here is to keep it natural. Use your listing title and description to your advantage. Use variations of the main keyword and fill up all the available spaces you are given.

High quality directories are prized for their smart moderation. Do not try to outsmart them. They have seen through every trick you can possibly imagine.

It is in their best interest to display only the best websites, so that they can offer their visitors a curated list of relevant, quality websites. You already developed a good website, with relevant and updated content, full of media such as images and videos. Your only job is to make sure your website gets the eyeballs it deserves, especially after you have already made an investment developing it.

Make sure to submit your website to the appropriate category, use a natural, keyword-rich title and description, and you will surely reap the benefits of improved Google rankings. Good luck and good work!