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Choosing the Best Office Desk

No office without a desk has a complete "look." Even a desk with the most basic desk is better than not having any desk at all. Money cannot be a valid excuse for failing to purchase a quality office desk. Many simple-yet-elegant oak desks are available. You simply must take your time to do a little research and you can find the ideal desk for your office. A primary reason for considering a desk finish of oak wood is its attractiveness. Another reason to consider it is its durability. In particular, there is a good reason why solid oak has been used for many years. Oak is the best type of wood for making office furnishings or even home furniture.

Think about your needs before buying a quality office desk made of oak wood. Space may be an even more important issue for you than the elegance of the desk. Does the aesthetic character of the desk matter more than its functionality? Take time to consider the most crucial desk features. Storage capacity matters a lot, regardless of how basic or complicated an office desk may appear to be. A desk should have a least a few shelves, even if it lacks very many that are open or closed. You also need sufficient storage space for daily-use items like stamps, receipt books, and pens, etc. A lot of folks value a desk that features several storage areas as it facilitates better office management. Executive oak desks are even available that have lots a class.

Price tags are relatively high because these desks provide the total comfort, style, and functionality you need. Such desks are necessary to setting up a smart office that has a unique character. The majority of these "classy" office desks also include a matching chair. Both the chair and the desk ensure that your posture needs are adequately met. As they are made of oak wood, such desks also last longer. If you are seeking a more simple oak office desk, you can find one. Such desks come in a variety of styles like corner desks, straight-surface desks, hutch designs, and many others. If you are looking for a home desk for a home office, a more basic style may do. It mainly depends upon the nature of your home-based business.

You definitely want a more elegant desk if many of your clients will be meeting you at your home. An attractive desk contributes to the type of positive impression you want clients to get upon first entering your office. Office furniture that is simple but elegant may work well if it is your office or your family members often need to use it. For outdoor offices, try to get creative with your choices of desks and other furnishings. Using the Internet to locate furniture that fits your budget is also quite possible. To locate a store in your area that offers the best prices, simply search the Web for local deals. CraigsList is a good place to start if you do not mind buying a pre-owned office desk.


Advantages of a New Reception Desk

The first room clients, customers, colleagues and employees see when they enter a business is arguably the room considered most important when one considers interior design. Since it is the initial point of contact for visitors, the design of this reception area can have a great impact on how the business is perceived by the people you need to impress the most. If their experience is not positive here and they do not have a good initial impression, they may take their money elsewhere and become loyal to a competitor without ever seeing all you have to offer. Although other factors can also influence their perception of a business, design is one of the influential determinant for businesses and customers may never see what you have to offer in customer service or their comfort with your services. To create an environment that is both welcoming and positive, it may be time to update the furniture that will stand out most in the area, the reception desk.

Often the first furnishings the visitor encounters in your office is the reception desk. They will contact this desk before they consider seating as they wait. This is your first chance to provide a positive first impression and wow those who visit. It also sets the tone for the remainder of the visit. They may even see this piece of furniture through the front windows or glass doors as they pass by. Those who pass by and have a positive impression are more likely to think of your business when they need the services you have to offer. In essence, this desk may be the face of an organization, whether it is presented to a visitor attempting to schedule an appointment of to check in as they wait. It is their first encounter with a business. If there is a pleasing reception desk, it can set the tone for what is expected to follow. Customers greeted by an outdated desk of an uninspiring design may perceive the entire room and maybe even your business as dreary and drab.

Selecting an attractive desk in the reception room is the first step in transforming it; however, it is also important the space be kept uncluttered and clean in order to complete the transformation. If the station is messy and cluttered, no one may be able to see the nice furnishings hidden underneath, defeating your purpose and portraying an unprofessional image of the business. If the desk is kept clean and organized, it provides a positive image, showing the company is professional, organized, methodical and efficient.

Modern desks for the reception may be purchased in bold, attention grabbing designs while also being functional and durable. Options include many different wood designs that are perfect for use with existing furnishings, such as chairs or tables in the reception room. Glass designs offer an excellent way to provide a contemporary feel. Modular units provide separate pieces of the desk allowing users to change the room's look when needed or desired, and is convenient if the business chooses to relocate. This also allows one to add other options to the desk at a later date.

Although in a tough economy one might question updating the current reception desk as unnecessary, it should be seen as an investment in one's business that will provide lasting value for many years in the future. While wooden desks are the most expensive, options such as plywood or fused melamine offer a good looking yet less expensive option. These desks offer a long life, so the cost is much more affordable when broken down over their useful life. Whether looking to update an office or creating an environment that is more inviting, adding a new reception desk can help to transform the area and bring more clients your way.


The Internal Importance Allocator of Effective Time Management

A regular excuse that a lot of people have for not being able to achieve their goals is that they ran out of time. They claim that they are too busy with all the other usual demands of life. They have to work all day and then do all sorts of chores at home. Kids and houses take up all the available time left over in the day. There's no time to pursue all the things that they would really want to do in life. Life is already so overwhelming so who's got time to go after life goals? If this is the case for you, then I hear you loud and clear as I can appreciate all the stresses that life in general have on us. A lot of us are constantly bogged down each day of the week. Good time management has there become a crucial thing to manage our days successfully given these hectic periods.

However, there's something we all have inside ourselves that I call our 'Internal Importance Allocator'. We assign importance ratings to everything in life and allocate time to them. For example, we all brush our teeth because we all rate dental health as pretty important, right? We don't want to gross out everyone else with bad breath. However, many of us don't do other things that are equally important for our health, like exercising. So this means that our Internal Importance Allocator may not always be working right.

So every now and then, we have to recalibrate our Internal Importance Allocators to reassign importance ratings to everything we do. I believe that this is a necessary task in effective time management. After all, there's no way that watching TV should be rated as more important than our health. What's more important than our health? Think about some of the things you have been neglecting and list them along with the activities that you normally do on a day-to-day basis. You will then have a list of things that you should be doing as well as your habitual activities that you do on a daily basis. Then reassign important ratings to everything at the same time. You will end up with a better balance of priorities in your life.

If you then look at a revised list of what's really important in your life and make real committed decisions to work on them, rather than just wishes, you would make the time for those goals. You will make a mental 'kick yourself in the behind' to reallocate your time in a more effective way that is constructive to success. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should be a workaholic. Being a 'life champion' (a term that is used in my book, The Life Champion In You) is also about balance since all areas of your life are considered. Effective time management should take this into account.

Remember, your goals should not be on a wish list. Instead, they should be on a top priority to-do list and mine is in my micro tool (a planning tool that is described in The Life Champion In You). Recalibrate your Internal Importance Allocator as often as required in order for you to stay in tune with what's really important in life. The take home message here is that if something is truly important in your life, you will make the time for it.


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